John and Jeanette Tornquist -

Two of our amazing members.

                         2020 Slate of Officers

PRESIDENT                                                   Joe Haney

Vice President                                                      Paul Nord

Treasurer                                                              Ed Johnson

Secretary                                                              Carol Gilmore

Past President/ Board President                    Jon Walsh

Tour Director                                                        Becky Easton

Editor                                                                      Curtis Hawk

David Davis Committee                                     Dave Blunk

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We are committed to serving McLean County and Central Illinois with the Love and Interests of Antique or Vintage Vehicles.

MCAAC is over 50 years old and still going STRONG.

Stop in at one of our monthly meetings and see what MCAAC is all about!

Our members enjoy driving, building and restoring their vehicles. They have a passion for Antique and Vintage Vehicles of all types and models, and they are dedicated to keeping the heritage of the American Dream Cars Alive and maybe even some of the Foreign Antiques.

Tours and Trips

We enjoy planning and taking trips together as a group or just a few. We also at times will plan garage tours to visit other members' shops and garages and enjoy looking over their hobbies and collections.

Annual McLean County Antique Auto Club Show

Most of all we are delighted to present our Annual Auto Club Show that is held at the David Davis Museum each year in August.

Don't miss this Great Show.

We want to thank the staff at the David Davis Museum for the use of their facilities for our Annual Show and for the use of some of their Photos of the Museum.

Visit with us at our monthly meetings.

We meet once a month on the fourth Tuesday of each month at the NEW Midwest Food Bank, Warehouse Rd, Normal, IL beginning at 7pm.

Due to the National Health Issues we have postponed our meetings. We hope to be back soon.

We Truly Care

Antique/Vintage Vehicles are our passion, and we love to keep the history alive and running.

Our Promise to You and our Members

We promise to be of any help to you by supporting your passion too! We have given tips and advice on how to restore your vehicle or to just chat with you about your advice and tips.

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